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[docbook] Integrating DocBook with mySQL content...

I am currently using FrameMaker to produce huge volumes of technical
documentation. I publish primarily to PDF at this point, and these files
get distributed through the web and several other methods.

Many of my publications are nearly identical except for specific product
specifications which reside in a mySQL database. So, it's an ideal
environment to match a template with specifications being pulled from the
database and integrated into the text.

I haven't touched DocBook yet, but I'm wondering if there is a DocBook or
other XML-oriented solution available. I'm thinking along the lines of
creating one DocBook template and having variables within the template
that attaches to a datasource (mySQL in my case), and pull specs into the
DocBook file. This would be my "Holy Grail" of solutions, especially if I
could then output to HTML and PDF.

Any thoughts on possible solutions? If DocBook isn't a part of the answer,
that's OK with me too. Are any of you aware of any other XML tools
available that do this type of thing aside from developing a custom PHP

Thanks in advance for any relevant pointers or suggestions,


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