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Re: [docbook] Software Review: InDesign + DocBook

Sure I kinda did that in some previous posts so I didn't want to be redundant but for the sake of clarity I will do so here.

I work for a technical publishing company that is primarily a Framemaker house. We are looking to move to a more modern enivronment given the situation with frame (and its demise that we suspect is to come). Frame is also not unicode compliant which is a problem with our manuals which we do in many languages...

So I've been asked to make a report on possible replacements to framemaker to make docbook compliant XML files which we will use with XSL-FO to output to PDF.

My stance is that the software isnt ready yet. There isn't a replacement to framemaker yet that does XML / DocBook better. However, there are some suggested packages for obtaining the output that we need.


These have some of the features, anything thats commandline or linux based or overly technical is out. We dont have programmers we have authors so we are trying to stick to a WYSWYG solution, to which the above packages adhere too.

InDesign Im looking at today in respect to XML and DocBook and was wondering if someone could give their experiences with working in this package with DocBook and XML/ XSL-FO.

Hope that clears it up, thanks for the reply

Dave Pawson wrote:

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 12:50 -0500, David White wrote:

Hello all,

Its me again asking more questions of the docbook community to try to remove some of my ignorance.

Why don't you paint the end to end picture, rather than guessing and asking questions re the foreseen holes?

I'm sure this list has tried most of the tracks from ideas to finished
typeset work. It may be able to help.

regards DaveP.


David White

Web Application Developer

Ken Cook Company

9929 West Silver Spring Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53225

414-466-6060 (voice)

414-466-0840 (fax)

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