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Re: [docbook] DocBook and Publishing Software

ArborText is definately a solid product but I hear their data is proprietary and that their XML has extra junk in it so that it works better with their suite of software. Does this hinder its use for applications outside ArborText?

Bill Lawrence wrote:


I have to agree with Dave Pawson. Epic (Dave uses the old Adept name) is the cadillac and the closest fit to a WYSIWYG application. I've used it in the past at other companies, and I've specified it as our editor here. Dave's equally right about writers adapting to XML and tag-based editing. Some do easily, others do so more grudgingly. How you sell the advantages has a lot to do with the ease of acceptance.

Our information design group uses InDesign exclusively, and it seems a very capable page layout program. Much better than Frame but perhaps not as powerful as Quark. It does have XML import and export capabilities, but you need to build the tables that map tags to internal styles. I'm still a couple of weeks away from building our InDesign import/export filter, but from the testing I've done it appears capable of importing Docbook structures. Tables are another matter.

If you don't have a fairly in-depth knowledge of XML, XSLT, and FO, consider taking some classes. Having that knowledge will go a long way in making your transition to the world of Docbook a whole lot easier.

Good luck!


David White wrote:

Hello all,

The company I work for is making decisions about its plans for future docbook publishing and the current situation that Framemaker is in. Given that Frame may not survive, and that docbook / XML is the format of choice for our publishing needs. What are your opinions on software solutions for a publishing department? Granted the department has individuals of different roles such as writers and editors etc.

The tools I have seen are two fold: WYSWYG publishing (ala frame) via Adobe InDesign (which I hear isn't ready yet to replace Quark or Frame yet, dont know its DocBook abilities at all).

OR the XMetal route where publishers essentially become programmers and use something like Sernea from Syntext to be able to view their code.

Anyone willing to offer their suggestions from the Industry as to an intelligent way to merge a department into the future of docbook publishing?

Thank you,

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