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[docbook] Re: Converting Docbook XML to PDF with FOP

Mike Mascari (10-04-05 14:44)
> Which stylesheet are you using to generate the fo ouput? You should be 
> using fo/docbook.xsl not fo/fop.xsl. It's a common mistake. The result 
> of using fo/fop.xsl is a text file, which, when processed through fop 
> generates the prolog error message.

You are right. I was using the fo.xsl stylesheet...

I now get the following error when trying to convert FO to PDF:

[ERROR] file:/home/ben/Projecten/Pandion/en/ The id
"jabber" already exists in this document

This is the id it is probably refering to:
	<glossentry id="jabber">
			Jabber is a chatsystem. In many ways it resembles
			email. It's not intended for letters, but for
			chatting. Jabber is not a company and not a
			software program.
			Just like email is not a company or a software
			<glossseealso otherterm="xmpp">XMPP</glossseealso>

What's wrong with the "jabber" id? I also tried deleting it, but then it
gives the same error, with another id.

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                                   Jabber ID:
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