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Re: [docbook] Re: Converting Docbook XML to PDF with FOP


On Sunday 10 April 2005 13:50, Ben Branders wrote:
> Thomas Schraitle (10-04-05 13:09)
> > Your file glossary.xml contains appendix instead of glossary. If I
> > change it to glossary and validate it separatly it works for me.
> Ok, I changed it and it seems to validate. When I run FOP now, I get:
> [Fatal Error] Content is not allowed in prolog.
> [ERROR] Content is not allowed in prolog.
> Looks like the same error... :?

Ok, I had a closer look at your files and found some validation errors:

1. bookinfo.xml:
othercredit can't contain any author elements. The content modell is:

othercredit ::=

You must put each author's firstname and surname inside an othercredit 
without any author like this:


2. basics.xml
You have an info element. There is no info element for DocBook V4.x. Typo?

If I correct these errors, the complete document is valid. I would 
recommend that you fix these errors first before you apply any 
stylesheets. :) The stylesheets operate on valid XML input; anything else 
gives unexpected results.



Thomas Schraitle <>

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