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[docbook] bibliographic information


I'm using DocBook-NG, IPA release.  Unfortunately, even after reading relevant 
parts in DocBook 5.0: The Definite Guide, I wasn't able to find out how to 
exactly turn bibliographic information into DocBook code.  This was partly 
because there seems to be an incompatibility between DocBook 5.0 and 

Say I want to encode a paper appearing in some sort of proceedings.  The paper 
is seperately available via the WWW.  The proceedings have an ISSN.  I tried 
something like this:

    <biblioentry xml:id="id-to-refer-to-this-entry-from-within-my-document">
        <title>title of the paper</title>
            <firstname>author's firstname</firstname>
            <surname>author's surname</surname>
        <biblioid class="uri">http://server/path/to/paper</biblioid>
        <title>title of the proceedings (e.g., Proceedings of the ...)</title>
        <volumenum>volume number</volumenum>
        <issuenum>issue number</issuenum>
        <orgname>name of the organization publishing the proceedings</orgname>
        <data>publishing date</date>
        <biblioid class="issn">ISSN of the proceedings</biblioid>

What is incorrect with this code?  What could be done better?

What about the following specific questions?

    * How do I specify which of the biblioset elements refers to the actual
      document (i.e., the paper) and which refers only to a larger document
      which covers the former one (i.e., the proceedings).

    * Is it correct to specify an URL for download as an URI in an biblioid

    * What do I do if the paper was published as part of certain proceedings
      but the version of the paper which I refer to and which is downloadable
      under the specified URL is an updated version?

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,

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