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Re: [docbook] Re: Wondering About Stable OASIS URIs

Hi Norm,

Norman Walsh wrote:

| On a related by separate matter, what's the game plan for migration to
| DocBook NG?  Will it become DocBook 5.0 (or 6.0) or will it forever live
| in experimental land?

As Jirka pointed out, our new charter says we're going to do it. It's
going to be a large and disruptive change, so I think there's value in
having a long period of experimentation. That said, it would probably
be a good idea for the experiments to become "DocBook TC experiments"
instead of "Norm Walsh's experiments" sooner rather than later.

any chance of seeing some examples / tutorial from you that discuss the overal picture of how you envision docbook to evolve ? I'm still trying to understand how you see the vocabulary evolving in terms of modularity / extensibility (i.e. core / profiles etc.). I'v some ideas concerning how to use docbook to support the software development process (from requirement documents to UML modeling), but to flesh them out I need to understand better where docbook is going. Thanks !


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