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Re: [docbook] Switch to W3C/ISO character entity sets

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 10:48:31PM +0100, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Norman Walsh wrote:
> > I propose that we cease distribution of our own set of entities in the
> > next release of DocBook (specifically, V4.3b6 and beyond) and point
> > instead to the W3C/ISO sets.
> I agree that DocBook TC should not take care about maintaining entity 
> sets. But on the other hand I think that up-to-date snapshot of W3C/ISO 
> entities should be distributed as a part of the DocBook DTD distribution 
> for easier use. In that case using relative system identifiers will be 
> fine and will work even without catalog support.

I agree with Jirka.  In addition to the convenience
factor, there is the issue of maintaining the 
integrity of the DocBook standard.  The entities
are part of the DTD. Leaving the management
of the entities to another organization means
they can change entities independently of the DTD
versioning.  Then we will have the possibility
of multiple DTDs that claim to be version 4.3.

I think the DocBook TC should use the W3C/ISO entities
as the input to the DocBook DTD, but include them
and roll the minor version number when they change.


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