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[docbook] Getting started with docbook, <screen> tag problems.


I'm just getting started with docbook and I'm running across a few problems.
I've been reading an excellent tutorial here:
My main problem is with the <screen> and <programlisting> tags, the document
leads me to believe if I use them the HTML output should have some sort of
grey background, which is what I'd ideally like.  When I make my html files
from my sgml source I don't see this however.  I'm also using the <prompt>
and <userinput> tags, the latter of which doesn't seem to bold the text.

If I look at the source for that actual document though it uses them and the
output on the URL above shows this working fine (along with grey backgrounds
on relevant bits).  If I try to recreate the html file for docbook-intro
from the source provided I get a fixed width font but no background on the
<programlisting> sections.

I've tried a few different ways now.  The first is simply using:

$ db2html myfile.sgml

Which runs jade fine and gives me the output I desire, less the background.

I also tried downloading the dsl stylesheets manually from sourceforge,
expanding them to a directory and running:

$ openjade -t sgml -d /path/to/stylesheets/html/docbook.dsl myfile.sgml

Again, the output isn't what I'd expect with regards to the afforementioned
style aspects.  I'm guessing this is some sort of stylesheet error, probably
on my behalf!

For my second question, I'd like to know how I can force jade/openjade to
use "nice" filenames when producing HTML output.  At present it calls the
chapters "cXX.html", where XX appears to be a random number.  Each of my
<chapter> tags has an id with a unique name in.

I've included one of the chapters and the top parts of my sgml file for all
to see.  I've adapted the source from the docbook-intro file to create my
own book.

Thank you,


<!doctype book PUBLIC "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN" [
    <title>Networking UML using bridging</title>
    <subtitle>A quick howto</subtitle>

  <chapter id="host-kernel">
    <title>The host kernel</title>
    <para>Blah blah blah.</para>
    <screen><prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>make


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