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Re: [docbook] Re: XML Editors

I do like Wattle's XMLWriter. It's a nice product at a very good price. Their support is good too. Most people seem to want freeware though. XMLWriter seems to provide most of the functionality that Arbortext's Epic Editor provides.

There really shouldn't be much fighting over this. It is a matter of preference. I know some people who insist on using vi in Linux/Unix. To each his/her own.


Steinar Bang wrote:
Robert P J Day <> writes:

having been through the "which editor should i use" wars myself,

I have seen surprisingly little fighting about this in the DocBook

More like a shared frustration that there aren't really any
satisfactory editors out there, to offer today's MSWord users.
No free tools, at least. I've heard good things about XMetal, but I
have never tried it.

I use GNU Emacs/psgml, which works great for me, with DTD-aware
element insertion and attribute editing, XML tree navigation and
editing, folding, and validation. But I wouldn't dream of even
_proposing_ it to someone who today uses MSWord.

- Steinar

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