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Re: [docbook] Using xrefs to "embed" cross-reference content

Hi again,

Thanks for the quick replies. Apologies for my own sluggishness in responding; 
didn't check the list on Friday and was off-line over the weekend.

In reply to Robert's response: Entities is what I use normally for this 
purpose. With the document I'm working on now, though, there are so many of 
these "embedded" cross-references that I'd have dozens of document fragments 
lying around in external XML files... so I was wondering if I had missed any 
existing alternatives. If there aren't any, that's good to know anyway.

With regard to Bob's reply: can't use XInclude for the moment for several 
reasons, so again I suppose I'll have to stick with entities.

Looking forward to the use of XLink with DocBook V5 or V6! :-)

Thanks again,
-- Florian 

On Thursday 24 April 2003 15:26, Robert McIlvride wrote:
| Hi Florian,
| Why not just use entities?  Here is how we do it:
| Hope that helps.
| Cheerio!
| Bob

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