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Re: [docbook] Publishing Standards - CSS vs. XSL

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 14:48, Oliver Fischer wrote:
> Use XSL to transform your sources in different formats (fo/pdf, 
> text, HTML, xhtml,...) and CSS to add some styles to html documents.
> You need both. With CSS you can add information  how to display the 
> content of the html document (colour, size, font). XSL can transform 
> the documents structure!

CSS compliance in browsers is getting better all the time; recent
incarnations of mozilla are pretty good.

There is a "docbook.css" file that I got from hussein at xmlmind dot com that
work really well.  The link, for reference, is

Using a PI in your docbook/XML will allow mozilla to render it fairly
well; moz still doesn't seem to do all the counter stuff for auto
section numbering, but it's pretty good.

                               Matt Meola
                                  ARES CO/D6
                                       Home Page

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