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[docbook] Re: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 15 Apr 2003

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/ "Wills, Robert" <Robert dot Wills at sts dot co dot uk> was heard to say:
|> From: Norman Walsh
|> Sent: 16 April 2003 18:49
|> ...
|> I'm trying to migrate to a new system so we can
|> support other schema languages officially.
| Will there be a master source in one schema language with others derived
| from it (and if so which language will this be), or do you plan to maintain
| parallel sources?

My goal is to keep the master sources in RELAX NG and generate W3C XML
Schema and SGML/XML DTDs automatically.

| I have java tools that try to 'understand' DocBook grammar so they can
| 'subclass' it - currently I use some scrappy perl scripts which convert
| flattened DTD->java, but if DTD will no longer be the authoritative source
| format I'll switch to whatever is.

I think we'll have "official" support for the DTD for a good while
yet. I expect to generate a DTD that is "the same" as the one's we're
building today by hand.

| Are there plans to use extended features of the various schema languages, or
| are you sticking to the lowest common denominator of features implemented by
| all?

Mostly LCD. But I think that could change over time as we become more
familiar with the territory.

                                        Be seeing you,

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