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[docbook] Re: RE : [docbook] Simplify ToC content model

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/ Fr?éd?éric Glorieux <frederic dot glorieux at ajlsm dot com> was heard to say:
| 	Very happy to read that, and of course completely agree. 
| 	If you are on this topic, according to a recent question,
| imagine I'm generating a toc from a docbook hierarchy, where I'm sure to
| found important meta-datas (abstract, subjects ...). An electronic
| rendering of this toc could give nice features, and simply for a
| beginning, giving the last modified dates. Where should I put these
| dates? Why not understanding a tocentry (a reference to a part of a
| document), like a bibliomixed? 
|> <toc><title>DocBook: The Definitive Guide</title>
|> <para>TDG has an introduction and three parts.</para>
|> <tocentry>Preface</tocentry>
|> <tocdiv><title>Introduction</title>
|> <tocentry>Getting Started with SGML/XML</tocentry>
|> <tocentry>...</tocentry>
|> </tocdiv>
|> </toc>

I haven't seen anything like that used. Generally, I'd expect the
processing system to navigate from the tocentry to the actual content
(that's why tocentry has a 'linkend') to get any metadata associated
with the entry.

Copying the metadata around is just inviting trouble. If you're
putting the ToC in the document, you shouldn't need to physically copy
the data.

If you're building some external ToC (like the ToC structures in
Website), there's no reason to stick with the simple form described
here, you can invent your own.

                                        Be seeing you,

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