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[docbook] Using xrefs to "embed" cross-reference content


Anyone interested, please share your thoughts on the following issue. Suppose 
I have an imageobject, a table, or even a paragraph which should appear more 
than once in a DocBook XML document (for example, in the main body text and 
again in an appendix). It would be more than ugly to just copy and paste the 
markup for this purpose, since that would cause redundancy and instead of 
subsequently being able to change, delete, or add content in one place, it 
would have to be done in multiple places.

So I wonder if I could use xrefs to "embed" the content of the linked element, 
rather than produce a hyperlinked cross reference. Like so:

  <xref linkend="some-other-element" endterm="some-other-element"/>

Using this structure appears to achieve the desired result using docbook-xsl 
1.56.1 for FO output (the full contents of the element with id 
"some-other-element" are rendered, rather than a mere link). I wonder, 
though, if this approach is really the most elegant one available. Is this 
really how one is supposed to use endterm with xref?

(I realize this issue has been touched by an earlier thread on XLink. That 
discussion was on future changes to the DocBook DTD, though; I'm looking for 
a solution that works for V4.2)

Any thoughts much appreciated.
Best regards,

-- Florian

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