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Re: [docbook] docbook.xsl -- xsl help needed!

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 10:54:41AM +0800, damar at netvigator dot com wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have documents in docbook xml format that I would like to convert into
> HTML, using docbook.xsl.  My requirement is simple, and they are:
> (1) <html tag  should have the id attribute with the value to be sent  
> as parameter during conversion <html id=$parameterValue>   

You can pass a parameter value with xsltproc using an option:

--stringparam myparam "myvalue"

In your template, use:

<html id="{$myparam}">

> (2) Whole content of the page should be in one table.
> (3) I have to remove the horizontal line at the top of the page, so that
> title of the page starts right from the top, leaving no space.

I'm not sure which horizontal line this is.
I suspect it is the title page separator.
In the stylesheet file html/titlepage.templates.xsl there
are templates like this:

xsl:template name="article.titlepage.separator"><hr/>

If you copy the one for your root element type (article, book, etc.)
to your customization file, and remove the "<hr/>",
then the horizontal rule will not be output.


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