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Re: [docbook] First Attempt at Writing a Manual Not Going Well

At 10:47 17/04/2003 -0700, Brian M. Sutin wrote:

Boggle #1:

    When I actually try to sit down and write, I find myself
    spending vastly more time paging throught the (relatively
    incomprehensible) manual from O'Reilly that I do actually
    entering information.

Yes, OK. That will pass. As time goes by you'll need to refer to the texts less and less.

Boggle #2:

    DocBook appears to be something which grew, rather than
    something which was designed.

Just my opinion. It grew, but controlled by a clever bunch of people who knew what they were doing and responding to customer input.

Boggle #3:

    I would think that the importance of a piece of information
    would be part of DTD, and not part of the style sheets.

use the role attribute for those kind of things. then provide a customisation which is good for you only, in the stylesheet to say how you want important styling. Or use one of the semantic tags already there. You'll find em.

Steep learning curve I agree.
But lots of us have kept faith. Why?
Its good. Its complete. Its kept up to date. Response is
3 orders faster than most commercial products IMO.

Try it. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
Just don't give up too soon?


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