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Re: [docbook] RE: Tools to generate pdf from docbook

At 16:30 2003 04 17 +0200, Jeroen Alblas wrote:
>Hello Templth,
>There are several products you can try. 

. . .

>Needless to say all these products produce PDF from XSL-FO. You need to transform DocBook to XSL-FO using a XSLT parser.

Actually, that's not needless to say.  A "proper" XSL-FO
composition system takes the XML and XSL and produces 
composed results.

Some quotes from the XSL spec [1]:

  An XSL stylesheet processor accepts a document or data in XML 
  and an XSL stylesheet and produces the presentation of that XML 
  source content that was intended by the designer of that stylesheet.

  . . .

  In some implementations of XSL/XSLT, the result of tree construction
  can be output as an XML document. This would allow an XML document which
  contains formatting objects and formatting properties to be output. This
  capability is neither necessary for an XSL processor nor is it encouraged.



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