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Re: [docbook] Forst Attempt at Writing a Manual Not Going Well

Hi Brian,

> For example, the structure of the documentation is as follows.
> There are two sections, a User Manual and a Technical Manual.
> They should print separately as completely separate books,
> but they should be able to refer to each other in HTML.  How
> do I do that?

In addition to what has already been suggested, if the two books are
closely related, you might want to consider using the <set> element to
put them into a set.  Then you could link the references using the
<link> element.  

If you include each book as an entity in the set, you then have the
possiblity of publishing the books separately or together. This is what
we do for our 17 books.  Our case is somewhat more involved than yours,
and we are "still" using SGML, but if you'd like to see how we do it,
here's an example:

The results are here:

Just another way to look at the problem...



Robert McIlvride (robert at cogent dot ca)
Cogent Real-Time Systems (

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