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Re: [docbook] Forst Attempt at Writing a Manual Not Going Well


Despite suggestions this should be in the docbook-apps list, at least
some of this is markup-related:

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 05:48:18PM -0700, Brian Sutin wrote:

> They should print separately as completely separate books, but they
> should be able to refer to each other in HTML.  How do I do that?

As someone else suggested, you can hardwire it with <ulink>s, or
indirectly using <olink>s.  See Bob Stayton's excellent docs on the
XSL stylesheets for information on the latter:

> Second, each of the two parts above is composed of sections which
> have been written by different people.  How do I make the output
> give attribution?  If I try:
>     ...
>     <title>
>         Glorious Bits of Stuff
>         <author>
>              <firstname> Bob </firststuff>
>              <firstname> Bones </firststuff>
>         </author>
>     </title>
>     ...

You want to use the <sectioninfo> element for each section where
there's some unique metadata for that section, in this case the
author.  (Note, too, that (in this case) the author's name is not part
of the title, so <author> shouldn't appear within <title> as it does
in your example.)  You want something like this:


  <title>Glorius bits of stuff</title>



> The .pdf output isn't printing the chapter titles at all.  Is that a
> bug?

Post a minimal example of some source that's not printing chapter
titles to the docbook-apps list.

> Trying to use the <article> keyword for each section just so the
> author prints in some intelligent way does not seem like the right
> thing to do.

You're right, it's not.  <sectioninfo>.


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