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Re: [docbook] questions about docbook

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 03:58:59PM -0400, Jeffrey McDonald wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a couple of questions about docbook documents.  First, I'd like to 
> say that I'm a physicist at the University of Pittsburgh and I'm so far 
> quite impressed with the docbook packages.  I am writing a couple of 
> documents in docbook and I expect that some of my colleagues will be 
> willing to follow my lead (I don't know of anyone else in my field using 
> docbook). 
> First, how does one reference and enumerate a bibliography?  I have a 
> reference to a document and I would like to "link" it to the reference in 
> the text.   In latex terms, this would be the \cite{key} function and the 
> "bibitem" would have the same  key.  I have the bibliography in the 
> document, but I do not know what I need to link the reference in the 
> document to the bibliography entry.  

This citation:
<xref  linkend="BrodyArticle"/>

to this bibliography entry:
<biblioentry  id="BrodyArticle">

will generate this citation text:
At least with the XSL stylesheets.  Are you using XSL or DSSSL?

> Second, there are several equation tags and there are also an adequate 
> number of symbols available from ISOtech.ent and ISOamsb.ent.   However it 
> seems that all of the equation tags require a figure tag.   If I want to 
> write an equation which is simply made of the ISOtech and ISOamsb symbols 
> and I don't want it inline in the text, how do I do it?  

By figure tag, I presume you mean a title?  There is the equation
tag, but that requires a title.  There is also informalequation,
which does not require a title.  You can enter math text this way:


For inline equations, use <inlineequation> and <inlinemediaobject>.


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