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[docbook] questions about docbook


I have a couple of questions about docbook documents.  First, I'd like to 
say that I'm a physicist at the University of Pittsburgh and I'm so far 
quite impressed with the docbook packages.  I am writing a couple of 
documents in docbook and I expect that some of my colleagues will be 
willing to follow my lead (I don't know of anyone else in my field using 

First, how does one reference and enumerate a bibliography?  I have a 
reference to a document and I would like to "link" it to the reference in 
the text.   In latex terms, this would be the \cite{key} function and the 
"bibitem" would have the same  key.  I have the bibliography in the 
document, but I do not know what I need to link the reference in the 
document to the bibliography entry.  

Second, there are several equation tags and there are also an adequate 
number of symbols available from ISOtech.ent and ISOamsb.ent.   However it 
seems that all of the equation tags require a figure tag.   If I want to 
write an equation which is simply made of the ISOtech and ISOamsb symbols 
and I don't want it inline in the text, how do I do it?  

Jeff McDonald

Jeffrey McDonald,PhD. University of Pittsburgh jemcdon+ at pitt dot edu
100 Allen Hall                             office: 412-624-9056 
3941 O'Hara St.                            lab:    412-624-9160
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy             fax:    412-624-9163
University of Pittsburgh   
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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