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Re: [docbook] how to make composite figures

Bob Stayton wrote:

I haven't tested this with the stylesheets, but a
figure can contain a literallayout, which can contain
any number of inlinemediaobjects.

thanks, that seems to work. Doing this I discovered some other related problems: I'd like to align the images vertically, but this seems quite difficult. First of all, both, the template for mediaobject and the one for inlinemediaobject both ignore the 'valign' attribute. As I wanted to submit a patch with the bug-report, I'm trying to figure out what the valign attribute should map to.

The html specs deprecate the 'align' attribute, and don't even
provide a 'valign' attribute neither for the <img> element, nor
for <span>. So it seems I have to use (possibly inlined) css.
But resorting to the 'style' attribute implies that there isn't
a one-to-one mapping between docbook attributes and html attributes,
but rather, that the html 'style' attribute is a function of
docbook attributes set at different places. Oh well, quite messy...

And I didn't even look into fo generation yet.

Any ideas ?


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