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[docbook] external examples

    first of all, I'm not subscribed, so please cc me.
    then, to the problem. I have a boot that teaches html. I put some examples
here and there. I want to keep the examples in separate files, as I change them
constantly, due to editorial work. so, I put them in separate files. then I
declare entities that reference those files, and use them in the chapters at

    *but*, as they're html files, I gotta either scape them, or cdata them.
scaping them is hard, as I need them to make the screenshots. I could preprocess
them to make the real html files, yes, but that's my last resort. and the
solution to cdata then doesn't works, as I can't reference entities there.

    the exact example would be:
<programlisting> <![cdata[ html file goes here ]]> </programlisting>

    any suggestions?

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