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[docbook] Re: Schema and MS Office beta

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/ joseph dot a dot gilvary at census dot gov was heard to say:
| I'm having trouble on several fronts. Where is the latest version of 
| the Schema DocBook? I understand that it is not official, but I'd still 
| like to start with an experimental version from official sources.

It may only be available in CVS. I am going to be very busy for at
least the next two weeks, but I'll try to make some more accessible
versions of the experimental schemas available shortly after that.

| I have seen posts about namespaces and about redefine in the 
| archives for this list. As I (possibly mis-)understand right now, I 
| can only use redefine on structures which share a namespace.

True, and all DocBook elements share the "null" namespace. That is,
they aren't in one.

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