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Re: [docbook] HTML BR tags

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On Thursday 10 April 2003 03:50 pm, Dave Viner wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> 	Thanks for your reply.  I am actually using XSL to transform my xml into
> html already.  I completely understand and like the seperation of layout
> from content that DocBook enables.  However, in my case (and I suspect in
> many similar cases where generation of HTML is desired), it is very
> challenging to have the XML contain content markup exclusively.  Although
> it is highly desirable to seperate the two, there are some cases where
> such seperation is extremely difficult to maintain.

Well, in my experience with docbook XHTML conversion, it's most often 
possible to simply set a class in a specified CSS sheet to get the intended 
result (e.g, a margin-bottom of 1em under notes). 

Could this perhaps address your problem?

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Alex Russell
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alex at SecurePipe dot com
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