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RE: [docbook] HTML BR tags

Hi Patrick,
	Thanks for your reply.  I am actually using XSL to transform my xml into
html already.  I completely understand and like the seperation of layout
from content that DocBook enables.  However, in my case (and I suspect in
many similar cases where generation of HTML is desired), it is very
challenging to have the XML contain content markup exclusively.  Although it
is highly desirable to seperate the two, there are some cases where such
seperation is extremely difficult to maintain.
	Therefore, while I completely agree that layout decisions should be
seperated from content as much as possible, I believe that there might be a
reasonable compromise that allows most users to interject desired layout
elements without overly burdening or corrupting the content markup.  I
realize that what I am suggesting isn't so much a DocBook standard as it is
(perhaps) a "recommendation" for use when one needs more direct correlation
between the DocBook XML and the resultant HTML.  This is why I suggested the
use of the literallayout element with a role attribute.  Does that make
sense or am I way off base here?
	Perhaps this post would have been more appropriate for docbook-apps@
instead of docbook at  dot   Please let me know if I have misdirected my comments.
I certainly don't want to create more spam-ish emails for folks.

Thanks for your help.


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From: Patrick Eisenacher [mailto:eisenacher at fillmore-labs dot com]
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 4:24 AM
To: Dave Viner
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Subject: Re: [docbook] HTML BR tags

Hi Dave,

Docbook is about marking up content, not about layout. The layout is
done in the XSL transformation step. If you're not satisfied with the
default layout, you'll have to do your changes/extensions via an XSL
customization layer. Check those references for more info on XSL



Dave Viner schrieb:
> Hi,
> 	I am generating a DocBook XML file which I need to convert to HTML.  In
> output HTML, I need to have a <br> tag appear.  From reading
> and the archives,
> are several possible ways to insert a linebreak into the output HTML.  It
> seems to me that this is a very common problem for those need to generate
> HTML from DocBook, and so would benefit from some sort of recommended or
> standard solution.  Is such a concept upcoming in future revisions of
> DocBook?
> 	If not, perhaps one possible solution would be to coerce a common
> of literallayout for this purpose.  For example, <literallayout
> role="linebreak" /> might be used as a common expression for the HTML br
> tag.
> Thanks
> Dave Viner

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