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[docbook] RE : [docbook] Schema and MS Office beta


So far I'm still trying to get permission here to bring my own 
machine in and do the work I described. The government is 
much more security conscious than it was a few years ago.

Even if I get permission, I will not be allowed to connect my 
machine to the network. That is not a problem for me, though.

I normally run Linux, but ordered a laptop with Windows XP 
specifically to learn about the XML support coming up in the 
new MS Office. This can be a strong boost for XML in the 
routine processing of information in offices.

I tried using the DTD with WordPerfect v9 and v10, but the 
results so far still require too much sophistication on the 
part of the user. I can use it, you would be able to use it,
anyone on this list would be able to use it, but most 
programmers and their support (clerical staff, etc) would 
not be able to use it easily.

When I do start working with the Office, either here, on another
assignment, or on my own, I'll check the license to see if I'm 
allowed to comment on the experience. I'd hate to have MS sue
me because I mentioned specific features of the beta online.

Wait, that's not funny. Oh, well, we live in interesting times.

Where can I find an automatic converter for DTD to WXS? 



Frédéric Glorieux <frederic dot glorieux at ajlsm dot com>
04/09/2003 02:27 PM

        To:     <joseph dot a dot gilvary at census dot gov>, <docbook at lists dot oasis-open dot org>
        Subject:        [docbook] RE : [docbook] Schema and MS Office beta


                 I took some experience in W3C.Schema by using or writing,
especially on mixed namespace models (W3C:..., Library of Congress:...,
Dublin Core...). 
                 I ask Norm about the authority of the docbook.xsd, and if 
subset of docbook in w3c.schema need to be expressed as a redefinition
(like on some other public schemas). 
                 For example, you are using a general dc.xsd (Dublin Core
metadatas), and for some local usages, you can constraints identifiers
to some pattern as a redefinition. It's better than to edit the
original, which could be distant. Then you can check big lots of
documents by validation.
                 Redefinition was only for the official release, because 
are not a lot of tools able to fully understand the syntax. XMetal3
refused mixed namespaces. XML.Spy loose himself on mixed contents
(example:docbook.xsd, problem with hierarchies based on <xs:group/>,
could be fixed with abstract elements).
                 For docbook, I began a working schema (on xMetal, 
msxml4). I'm implementing the generic elements (don't need too
software-specific stuff). It's day to day fixed on the documents we are
authoring, sometimes adding constraints, sometimes suppressing rules. 
                 It's not the best example. I thought a lot but finally, I
haven't chosen to strictly follow the entities of the docbook.dtd
(probably because I'm not able to keep the full tree in my head). Also,
the dtd/entities style conducts to the <xs:group/> logic, but W3C.Schema
could allow other constructions, which have some understanding abilities
(because I first learned schema before DTD).

> I made a customization layer using the DTD and would like to "port"
> that work to W3C Schema.

Have you tried automatic converters?

> I have seen posts about namespaces

                 docbook.xsd doesn't seem to advice an official 
(prefix could be a problem for DTDs, not for schemas or xsl). 
                 For myself, first thing was to allow other namespaces in 
docbook elements (example: in <bibliocoverage/>, allow GML for
geographic location). Problems could arrive if an organisation is using
more than one noNameSpace schema. But biggest one is to rewrite your
docbook-xsl pack. 
                 In fact, we need to play a lot with ns. For example, the 
version of XXE (used by some of our clients) is restricted, no support
for @xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation, but you have to use namespace-uri
beginning by (a kind of
light signature).

                 Welcome in schemas. Have you tested the new Office (I'm 
it from Europe)?


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