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Re: [docbook] HTML BR tags

Hi Dave,

Docbook is about marking up content, not about layout. The layout is done in the XSL transformation step. If you're not satisfied with the default layout, you'll have to do your changes/extensions via an XSL customization layer. Check those references for more info on XSL customizations:



Dave Viner schrieb:
	I am generating a DocBook XML file which I need to convert to HTML.  In the
output HTML, I need to have a <br> tag appear.  From reading and the archives, there
are several possible ways to insert a linebreak into the output HTML.  It
seems to me that this is a very common problem for those need to generate
HTML from DocBook, and so would benefit from some sort of recommended or
standard solution.  Is such a concept upcoming in future revisions of
	If not, perhaps one possible solution would be to coerce a common attribute
of literallayout for this purpose.  For example, <literallayout
role="linebreak" /> might be used as a common expression for the HTML br

Dave Viner

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