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[docbook] output file name problem


When I run 'db2html myapp.docbook', it somehow assumes that the output
should be app.docbook and then fails on mkdir, since a file by that name
already exists!


%db2html myapp.docbook
output is myapp.docbook
mkdir: `myapp.docbook' exists but is not a directory
jw: Could not create "myapp.docbook" output directory

%db2html -v
DocBook-utils version 0.6 (jw version 1.1)

What am I doing wrong?

This however seems not to be a problem, if I run it via
% docbook2html myapp.docbook

However, a new problem crops up, i.e., it does not create the
sub-directory called 'stylesheet-images', but refers to it in the
generated html, thus leading to broken html wherever there is a reference
to tags such as 'warning', 'note' or 'tip'

Is there some  option to be specified while generating html, which I'm
missing here?



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