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[docbook] Schema and MS Office beta


I made a customization layer using the DTD and would like to "port" 
that work to W3C Schema. I'm hoping that the support for XML in the 
new MS Office beta presages a time when clerical and support staff 
will be able to work with structured content more easily.

I'm having trouble on several fronts. Where is the latest version of 
the Schema DocBook? I understand that it is not official, but I'd still 
like to start with an experimental version from official sources.

I have seen posts about namespaces and about redefine in the 
archives for this list. As I (possibly mis-)understand right now, I 
can only use redefine on structures which share a namespace.
It seems to me that if I put real DocBook elements into namespace(s) 
I should put my changes elsewhere. Am I missing some important
point(s) here? I am very new to W3C Schema.

 Thanks for any help,


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