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Re: How Capitalize xref Text?

Jeffrey <> writes:

> 	How does one indicate the beginning of the text produced by
> xref should be capitalized?  For example,

One doesn't, I don't think. Because /common/en.xml has the string "the
section called" but not an alternative "The section called".

Maybe you could file a feature request that the initial-cap version
should be added to the gentext and the stylesheets modified to support
it through <xref linkend="foo" role="sentenceBegin"> or something.

>     <para><xref linkend="some-interesting-place"></xref> is a good place
>     to start.</para>
> should produce something like
>     The chapter entitled Foo is a good place to start.
> not
>     the chapter entitled Foo is a good place to start.

No logic in the stylesheets to figure out whether the xref occurs at
the beginning or middle of a sentence. A workaround maybe is just do:

 <para>A good place to start is <xref

Michael Smith, Tokyo, Japan

Partake as does the Bee,

  --Emily Dickinson (994)

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