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Re: Functions like

/ (Michal Sanger) was heard to say:
| In PHP semantic I have declaration:
| string MyFunction(string param1, string param2[, int number]);
| and I don't know how to type it in DocBook =(
| When I use what I see in examples like:
| <!DOCTYPE funcsynopsis PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
|    "";>
| <funcsynopsis>
|  <funcprototype>
|    <funcdef>string <function>MyFunction</function>
|    <paramdef>string <parameter>param1</parameter></paramdef>
|    <paramdef>string <parameter>param2</parameter></paramdef>
|    <paramdef>int <parameter>number</parameter></paramdef>
|    </funcdef>
|  </funcprototype>
| </funcsynopsis>
| I receive:
| string MyFunction (param1, param2, number);
| string param1;
| string param2;
| int number

There's a switch in the stylesheets to select between K&amp;R style
and ANSI style function synopses. If you turn that switch to 'ansi', I
think you'll get something closer to what you want.

| Also the same problem, when I use:
| <refnamediv>
|       <refname>mail</refname>
|       <refpurpose>Sending e-mail</refpurpose>
| </refnamediv>
| I have:
| Name
| mail - Sending e-mail
| but I would like to have:
| Mail
| mail - Sending e-mail

I've added an option that will do this. In the next release, set
refentry.generate.title=1 and you'll get the refentrytitle or first
refname as the title instead of the string "Name".

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | Until death, it is all | life.--Cervantes
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee |

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