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Re: Re: Environment Variables in File/Directory Names

On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 10:32, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > Sure, but only if you buy into envar being an environmental variable,
> > instead of the value of an environmental variable.  Clearly there are
> > multiple possible interpretations here, that's why there are multiple
> > stylesheets.  :)
> Hmm, I don't quite agree. Whether <envar> stands for a variable or the 
> value it references is an important semantic distinction, not just 
> something you should care for when adding presentational markup.

Yes, exactly.  I just think that they way it's used in the examples in
TDG is wrong.  :-)

> And, as Norm repeatedly pointed out in the past, docbook being a 
> documentation language, not a modeling language, I would not expect it 
> doing variable lookup itself, i.e. I would expect to put values into the
> respective places myself.

I'm not expecting DocBook to do any variable lookup.  I just can't find
an element that makes sense for the value of a variable.  People use
literal, which I can't wrap my head around.

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