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Re: inlinegraphic going away... (Was Re: image with link)

/ Dan York <> was heard to say:
| So for future compliance, the best way to write that would really be:
|   <link linkend="mytarget">
|   <inlinemediaobject>
|     <imageobject>
|       <imagedata fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>
|     </imageobject>
|   </inlinemediaobject>
|   </link>
| Which is *far* more verbose (thankfully macros can be created!).
| Do I read that correctly?

Uh-huh. I almost said that myself. Of course, you *really* ought to

  <link linkend="mytarget">
      <imagedata fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>
       <phrase>Simple alt text description of mygraphic</phrase>
       <para>A longer description of the graphic, something that would
be useful for readers using a visually constrained system.</para>
       <para>One such example of a visually constrained system is an
audio device for in-car reading of online texts.</para>

That at least makes it clear what all the extra typing is actually for :-)

                                        Be seeing you,

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Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | B.--Ambrose Bierce

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