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MS / Windows authoring tools, MS Word converter?

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First post here, apologies if it's a FAQ, but unfortunately "Word" is a
rather poorly discriminationg search term.

I'm looking for solid recommendations for SGML/DocBook authoring tools
on Legacy MS Windows and Mac platforms.  I'm using GNU/Linux myself, and
find that Debian's DocBook packaging is quite good.  However,
collaborators are on different platforms.

Ideally, I'd like to see recomendations for a mid-range DocBook
authoring tool, with personal and opinionated reasons why or why not to=20
recommend them.

I'd also be very interested in knowing of any conversion scripts which
can produce workable HTML or other useful markup from MS Word 2000 HTML
output.  I'm finding the format to be almost completely intractable.

While we're at it, some pointers at DocBook setup on Red Hat systems --
there are a few other folk here who use this and I found that the
default SGML mode in emacs doesn't appear to support DocBook.

And - a mechanics and tools overview of using and modifying DocBook
stylesheets.  My tools again are emacs, psgml-tools, and sgmltools for
producing output.  I'm finding a few issues with the default output from
stylesheets included in Debian.


Karsten M. Self <>
 Evangelist, Zelerate, Inc.            
  What part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?      There is no K5 cabal

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