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Re: DocBook 4.0: ClassSynopsis

/ Christian Leutloff <> was heard to say:
| > <!ELEMENT ClassSynopsis - - (Modifier*,
| >                              (ClassName|InterfaceName|ExceptionName)+,
| >                              (ClassSynopsisInfo
| >                               |FieldSynopsis|%method.synop.class;)*)>
| I like the definition. But I think that the inheritance is
| missing. There is no way to tell what's the name of the parent
| class. In C++ these are the class names following the ':' and in Java

I had imagined that it would be done with multiple classnames:

So the Java class:

  public class foo extends bar implements baz, moo throws x, y

is documented as:

<classsynopsis language="java">


I admit this increases the processing expectations, but I think
this is a more flexible way of handling the variety of OO
languages. Or am I missing something?


Norman Walsh <>      | It is seldom that any liberty is | lost all at once.--David Hume
Member, DocBook Editorial Board    | 

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