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Re: Re: Stylesheet RFC -- "description" meta tag in html

Norm wrote:
| / "Eve L. Maler" <> was heard to say:
| | I would say to use the keywords in the keywordset, which are flat and can 
| | be concatenated and separated with commas.
| That's not the point of the description though. The description
| is a human readable (apparently short and sweet) summary of the
| content. It's independent of the keywords meta tag.

This confused me, too, until I looked at the reference,

which shows as a sample,
<META name="description" content="Everything you wanted to know about stamps, from prices to history.">
<META name="keywords" content="stamps, stamp collecting, stamp history, prices, stamps for sale">

Now your listing will look something like this in search engines that 
support the descriptions tag:

My World
Everything you wanted to know about stamps, from prices to history.

I don't keep up with current, um, art wrt HTML, and this is
a new one on me.  I agree with Norm that it's an abstract in
current Docbook markup - it's an abstract that isn't displayed
in the rendered HTML page, but I think that's probably something
we can overlook.  

regards, Terry

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