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Re: DocBook 4.0: ClassSynopsis

Norman Walsh writes:
 > At the face-to-face meetings in conjunction with XML'99, the
 > DocBook Technical Committee decided to add the ClassSynopsis
 > element to DocBook V4.0, with a few small modifications:

  This is good!

 > - The "verbish" names have been made "nounish". Exception has
 >   been renamed ExceptionName, etc. Several of the elements will
 >   also be made available inline.

  But this is mixed.  I understand the desire to make the names
similar to those of other, existing DocBook elements, but the lengthy
names are one of the reasons I don't see that DocBook is a good match
for my application (with lots of occaisional authors).

 > - A ClassSynopsisInfo element was added

  Perhaps this shows that I don't know enough about the existing
DocBook, but ... what is the indended use?  Is this for a source-style 
synopsis presentation as typically found in section 2 & 3 man pages?
(I'm presuming this based on the content model and %linespecific.attrib;
in the attribute list.)

 > Attached is the new DTD fragment, you will find complete examples
 > at, including some sample
 > instances and stylesheets which format them.

  I'll try and take a look when I have a few minutes.  Hopefully this
week.  -sigh-


Fred L. Drake, Jr.	     <>
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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