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Re: Including OS Version information on DocBook elements

/ Nik Clayton <> was heard to say:
| I've set followups to the FreeBSD Doc. Proj. mailing list,

Another list for DocBook issues. <sigh/>

| This is probably not the best approach.  My DSSSL isn't up to it, but I 
| imagine that a DSSSL (or XSL) script to do the same thing would be better,
| in that it would reduce the number of tools required in order to build the
| docs.  I would be very interested in someone reimplementing the logic of
| the code in DSSSL.

It would be non-trivial. Especially since it would have to vary
from system to system. You're asking the stylesheet to do a fair
number of things to determine if RELENG_2_1_3 is in between
RELENG_2_1_0 and RELENG_2_2. Not impossible, it might even be a
rewarding challenge to implement. I'd call it a two-star
problem. I've solved enough of those in DSSSL to keep me quite
content for this lifetime. And I'm working on some three star
problems in XSL at the moment :-)


Norman Walsh <>      | It is seldom that any liberty is | lost all at once.--David Hume
Member, DocBook Editorial Board    | 

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