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Re: Equation Enhancement Idea - Wishlist?

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Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 12:11 PM
Subject: DOCBOOK: Equation Enhancement Idea - Wishlist?

> As I understand it equations in DocBook are actually just graphics. This
> a lowest common denominator. Would it be possible at some time in the
> to allow equations in MathML. I know the tools are not really mature yet,
> it would allow the "equation-ness" to be retained, and allow neat things
> like including the mathematical nature of the algorithm to be included
> code documenting it. Clearly TeX can output equations, and some web
> already have some MathML support. Is this a sensible thing for the future?
> Perhaps in version 6 ?
> Julian Satchell
> <>
> The above is my personal opinion, and does not represent the opinion of
> organisation.

Yes, it is possible to integrate MathML into Docbook documents. You just
have to alter the Docbook dtd to a little extend and you have to "rename"
the <set> in MathML to something else, because Docbook uses that tag for
sets of books.

For further explanation see:

The only issue is possibly that the whole projekt is in german only, but I
think our DTDs and stylesheets give a good overview.

Further questions? - Feel free to contact me...

Jan Scheffczyk

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