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[docbook-apps] toolchain


I'm going to ask a FAQ on this list, but it seems the answers are
changing frequently, too.

I'm using DocBook DSSSL toolchain since 2001 and I'm happy with it.
However, now I need to prepare several new customization layers and
I thought it could be the good time to switch to the XSL toolchain. I
would be glad if anyone could share their experience.

I'm interested primarily in pdf, but use occasionally rtf and html
outputs. I'm considering xsltproc - passivetex and xmlroff (I haven't
tried the latter yet).

1. Are there open issues with rendering? In other words, can I do with
   XSLT everything I do with DSSSL?

2. How much time would I need for learning? I'm doing this in my spare
   time. I need to customize headers, footers, page numbering, title
   wording, titlepages.

3. Which toolchain (not only the ones mentioned above) produces the best
   results and is less likely to break later? I tend to upgrade the
   packages from time to time, and I wouldn't have much time for fixing
   after the customization layers are ready. I'll need to regenerate
   many files at once after a customization layer change, so performance
   is important.

Thanks in advance,

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