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Re: [docbook-apps] trim space off tag contents

> >The normalize-space() function in XSL removes leading
> >and trailing spaces, and replaces internal sequences
> >of whitespace with a single space character.
> If its many elements, then an identity transform with
> <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/>
> does the same job.
> Replace * with as many elements as needed
> or use...
> <xsl:preserve-space elements="pre"/> or whatever.
> Can be used in combination.

This does not solve our problems. Here is a fragment:

<programlisting role="php">
  <title>PHP Test</title>
 <?php echo "<p>Hello World</p>"; ?>

This will effectively output a code with the leading spaces (the newlines 
after the programlisting tag and after the <![CDATA[ tag) present, and with 
the trailing newlines also present. We would not like to put the <![CDATA[ 
and the programlisting and the first line of the example on the same line to 
avoid this, for readability reasons. But we would not like to get those 
newlines on the output.

<xsl:strip-space> is to strip whitespace-only text nodes, AFAIK, which is not 
the case here. normalize-space() will remove any multiple spaces, which will 
highly distract the formatting of the example above. So none of these are 
solutions. As I said, we would like to strip of the leading and trailing 
spaces, and nothing else. Others, using <programlisting> must have been faced 
the same problem, I guess...


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