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Re: DocBook XML and MSIE (?!)

>> [viewing DocBook XML directly in MSIE]
> You can download the new releases of the MSXML-Parser from 
> Note that the parser installs itself
> in a so called side-by-side mode. This mode doesn't replace the
> parser within IE. You have to download and install another small
> programm wich replaces the parser (I think ist called xmlinst).
> There is a good description about how to install the parser
> on the MSDN.

If you're working with MSXML, a must-read resource is the Unofficial
MSXML XSLT FAQ at, which
has direct links to the latest version of MSXML, the xmlinst tool for
forcing IE to use the latest MSXML, step by step instructions for using
xmlinst, and links to other MS-specific XSL resources (like the MSXML
version sniffer to tell you what version you have installed).

And I can verify that to the original poster that you can do what you
want to do -- double-click on a DocBook XML document and view it in
Internet Explorer with the full XSL stylesheet applied automatically. 
We do it all the time here.  It's a pain to set up, but once it works,
it works very smoothly.

Hope this helps.


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