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DocBk XML -> HTML and ?roff

Good morning!

I'm just getting started with DocBook, but I'm really excited about it.  I've
spent lots of breath over the years trying to explain to people that semantic
markup is The One True Way, and DocBook provides a really rich set of
semantics.  But enough praise, now I'm needy.

I'm currently writing documentation for my projects in DocBook XML articles
and ref's.  I'd like to be able to convert these to HTML for remote-viewing
and troff for installation as man pages.  (Unless someone has written something
to view DocBook directly (!).)  

From what I've seen, the tools for doing this sort of thing are java-based,
which just isn't going to work for me.  My XML Lore suggests that translating
from DocBk XML to XHTML should be a matter of XSLT -- and I'd imagine that
there exists an XSLT 'suite' (?) to do this already.

Is there such an animal?  If so, where might I catch it?

Finally, I'm trying to find something like XML::DocBook -- a perl module for
manipulating DocBook.  

I realize that my questions are somewhat rambling, but it's early and I think
my morning tea was a bit weak.  Hopefully I've been clear enough.



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