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Re: Making sure headers in tables are not too close tothe rule beside them

On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 10:33:29AM +0200, Thomas Andre Berger wrote:
> Richard Sharpe <> writes:
> > I am noticing that my tables look ugly, because the elements in them are
> > hard up against the left margin rule. 
> What version of the stylesheets and what version of jadetex are you using?
> I know that some versions of the stylesheet had the following set 
> in print/dbtable.dsl:
> But newer jadetex don't need this workaround.  I think it is
> removed in newer versions of the stylesheet.

Yes, you do NOT need Adam DiCarlo's fix if you are using the latest
versions of JadeTex. Sebastian fixed the problem with, I believe,
version 3.3 or 3.4. (He is now up to 3.6.)  The home page is at:

I had this exact problem in the e-smith manual and it was fixed
by using the latest version of JadeTex.  Once you have that installed,
you can add these two lines to your DSSSL customization layer:

  (define %cals-cell-before-column margin% 3pt)
  (define %cals-cell-after-column margin% 3pt)

(those are found in dbtable.dsl.)  It worked fine for me.


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