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Re: anyone interested in loading a portable drive?

Am 27.01.2020 um 05:33 schrieb aimedtech:

Okay, this is a complaint.  I've spent the past few days trying to download the Cygwin system and gotten nowhere.  I've tried several download
environments, using different protocols, nothing works.

"Nothing works" tell us nothing that allow us to help you

And this is beyond being a pain, this is getting to be a real problem for me.  No, that's not right -- it is a problem for me, NOW.

I remember, I downloaded, installed it and used it, this was about a decade ago.  Then, the area for naming the machine download sites would fill in automatically;  Today, no.  I chose a couple and tried them, one at a time.  Neither worked

I'm not sure if this message is to just tell you that your install is very broken and goodbye or if I'm asking for help.

I am willing to send someone a USB 1TB drive and pay $50 bucks to load it and send it back.  If that's what I do I want everything.  The works.

may be following a guideline will help

Problem reports:


What operating system are you running ?

What fault you have running the Cygwin setup ?

Have you considered you AV as possible interference ?

Problem reports:
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