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Re: grace broken installation

Am 25.01.2020 um 15:23 schrieb Rodrigo Medina:
Both   installations of grace-5.1.24 and grace-5.1.245 are  broken.
/usr/bin/xmgrace.exe runs but gives the message:
--> Broken or incomplete installation - read the FAQ!
and then quits.

After reading the FAQ and comparing with a direct build from upstream sources, I find the reason for that is that the FontDataBase file of the distributed package is, indeed, wrong.

Apparently the type1 font directory supplied by grace was replaced by a link to ghostscript's type1 font repository. But the FontDataBase wasn't updated to match this change. This mismatch causes xmgrace to baulk. This change was made between revisions 5.1.24 and 5.1.25 of the cygwin package, which neatly explains why 5.1.24 works, but 5.1.25 does not.

For both versions the link grace-->xmgrace.exe is missing.

This was most likely caused by the cygport file not doing the (rather unusual) 'make links' step of the original Makefiles, but rather doing their own tweaking. The 'grace' link is only created by 'make links' --- there is no 'grace' created in ${GRACE_HOME}/bin. I would consider that an upstream bug, albeit it a small one.

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