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Re: Error running ssh windows binary in cygwin

ravi r writes:
> Following directions mentioned in above error message, when I search for
>      cygwin1.dll
> I find two matches
>     c:\cygwin64\bin
>     and
>     c:\cygwin64\usr\i686-pc-cygwin\sys-root\usr\bin

The latter would be the Cygwin DLL for the 32bit cross compilation toolchain.

> Went ahead and deleted
>     c:\cygwin64\usr\i686-pc-cygwin\sys-root\usr\bin\cygwin1.dll
> opened a new cygwin terminal and the error from ssh.exe would not go away.

Why would you have this directory in PATH in the first place?

> I know there is a version of git available through cygwin install as
> well which does not have these errors. The git.exe which got installed
> from windows binary does not have any error in starting up. It is the
> ssh.exe which comes along with it which has the problem.

Again, if you have different installations on the same system, you
should have only one of them in PATH at any given time.  Also, Git for
Cygwin uses MSys2, not Cygwin; so again it is unclear if you really ran
the MSys2 ssh, it should not have looked for a cygwin1.dll.

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