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Re: Cygwin 3.1.X Fatal Errors - add_item ("\??\C:", "/", ...) failed, errno 22

Am 12.01.2020 um 14:47 schrieb Ken Turner:
This is related to I
have now tried the same update on two other systems.

Cygwin 3.0.7-1 32-bit works fine on three different systems: one Windows 7
64-bit, two Windows 10 64-bit. However, Cygwin 3.1.1-1 and 3.2.1-1 fail to
install cleanly on these systems and leave me with a Cygwin installation
that gives fatal errors.

In response to Marco Atzeri's comments:

| testing on my W10 64bit a clean 32bit installation from scratch
| I seen no issues

The problem may be due to an update from a previous version of Cygwin rather
than a clean install. I haven't yet tried completely uninstalling and
reinstalling Cygwin on these systems, but will do so if necessary.

you can just make a installation in a different directory.


06.01.2020  08:35    <DIR>          cygwin-x86
12.03.2019  07:18    <DIR>          cygwin32
24.11.2019  18:40    <DIR>          cygwin32T
23.12.2019  05:49    <DIR>          cygwin64
12.03.2019  07:27    <DIR>          cygwin64T

| for what I know exit code=-1073741819 is in
| HEX FFFF FFFF C000 0005
| and Exception code c0000005 is the code for an access violation

That's correct. It's something deep within Cygwin that's failing. After
trying to install Cygwin 3.1.1-1 or 3.2.1-1, I rebooted to make sure that
the new cygwin1 DLL was being used. All Cygwin binaries (dash, ls, rebase,
etc.) then fail with:

*** fatal error - add_item ("\??\C:", "/", ...) failed, errno 22

This may be due to a forking issue rather than a rebase issue. On tracing
"ls" there is a strange reference to '\??\C'. Could that be related to a
cygdrive prefix problem or a mount problem?

the format is fine

$ grep '??' ls.strace
257 109044 [main] ls 1951 symlink_info::check: 0x0 = NtCreateFile (\??\D:\cygwin64\tmp) 185 112242 [main] ls 1951 symlink_info::check: 0x0 = NtCreateFile (\??\D:\cygwin64\tmp) 179 113275 [main] ls 1951 symlink_info::check: 0x0 = NtCreateFile (\??\D:\cygwin64) 262 123254 [main] ls 1951 symlink_info::check: 0x0 = NtCreateFile (\??\D:\cygwin64\dev)

I wonder why Cygwin 3.0.7-1 would work fine but not any later version.
Evidently there is a significant difference in later versions.

there are several changes between 3.0.x and 3.1.y
some are not perfect and still some polishing is in progress

I see the same errors when trying to update three different systems (one
Windows 7, two Windows 10), so it isn't specific to one system. These also
have different mounts for different disks (respectively C: is an HDD, C: is
an SSD, C: is an SSD and D: is an HDD).

What is common to these systems is that they are 64-bit Windows being used
with 32-bit Cygwin, that Cygwin is installed in the root of the C drive, and
that I'm trying to update from Cygwin 3.0.7-1 rather than doing a clean

try a parallel minimal installation just as double check


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